Sam Poirier ~ darthmorf

about me

I am Sam Poirier, a Computer Science student, with an interest in game design, cybersecurity and robotics. My development experience is primarily in C#, Python and JavaScript, using frameworks such as Winforms, PyQt and Electron.

My Projects

plus some other cool stuff

Super Terraria World

I am a developer for Super Terraria World, an MMORPG mod for the game Terraria. STW acts as a fully fledged total conversion mod, and plays very differently to the base game, implementing new items, new bosses, new npcs, quests, static worlds to explore and much more! You can support STW on Patreon.

Terraria Logo Maker

A web-based (pure HTML5 js) app that allows you to create your own Terraria themed logos.
The app itself! Terraria Forums Thread. Github Repo. Outdated C# Github Repo.

Emoticon Creator

A web-based (pure HTML5 js) app that allows you to create your own emoticons, themed after the Terraria Community Forums emotes. Assets by Jestex, inspired by a desktop app by VOT.
The web app. Terraria Forums Thread. Github Repo.


A utility program that backs up worlds and player files for the game Terraria. It supports multiple profiles to allow different install locations (useful in the case that you have mods installed to different directories). It is written in C# and currently only runs on windows.
Terraria Forums Thread. Github Repo.


Photon is a basic IM client written in Python. It's not intended for actual use and is more of a proof of concept; a way to get some experience with PyQt, and a simultaneously a peice of Coursework.
Github Repo.


Angory_Tom (Tom Clark/Angor) is a Youtuber and member of the Yogscast Network. I am a senior administrator of both the official subreddit and Discord Server.